Ducted Split Installation

Ducted Split Installation

Ducted units or 'Split' systems consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit installed in the ceiling space. Air is distributed from the indoor unit by duct to one or more air vents. With convenient thermostat control, heating, cooling or auto settings are available at your fingertips.
Concealed Ducted Units are suitable where the necessary ceiling space is available for installation and servicing. In instances where ceiling space is limited it is sometimes possible to utilize the ceiling space in an adjacent room to house the indoor unit.

Attributes and Benefits

Where people remain stationary e.g. at work areas in offices or tables in restaurants air vents can be positioned for even air conditioning and optimum comfort. Unobtrusive design with a range of grilles and diffusers to match room décor.
Fresh air is a requirement in commercial premises. With these systems, fresh air can easily be introduced and mixed in with the conditioned air.
Several rooms can be air conditioned by one indoor unit and zoning is available as an option. Zoning allows you to control which rooms you want to air condition at any particular time, aiding efficiency.
Considered to be the quietest air conditioning choice as the indoor unit is situated above the ceiling and well away from the users Air outlets are quick and easy to install, and can be moved relatively easily should air distribution requirements change in the future. A wall-mounted thermostat provides convenient control.

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